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Education Services

Discussion Class is an informal method of teaching students by the students!! Yes, the teacher himself/herself is also a student of the same age or few years elder. Because the teachers were students themselves, they could relate the problems much more easily than someone not familiar with the thinking of the students. The Discussion mode of education is very powerful and not only builds the confidence of the student but also enables them to become a self-learner and build strong communication skills.

Association encourages and supports setting up of Discussion Class centers across Karnataka. Our DC students are conducting Discussion classes in their native places and areas where they are studying.

DC @ Bhatkal: Our DC student, Bhargavi is conducting DC classes to her friends in her home and in the recent SSLC examinations, her students secured excellent marks in the examinations.

DC @ VS Cozy Apartment, Bengaluru: Kids DC classes running in VS Cozy Apartment, Bengaluru where small kids belonging to 7 std are teaching students belonging to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th std.

DC @ Ramakrishna Ashrama, Bengaluru: We had run the DC classes in Ramakrishna Ashrama for one year and influenced the student’s SSLC examinations who attended the classes.

DC @ Puttenahalli, Bengaluru: Our DC student, Manoj conducts DC classes at his home over the weekend to his own friends.

“Adarsha Guru GK Sir” a book on our teacher:
We have released a book named “Adarsha Guru GK Sir” in 2014 to keep our teacher alive through a book and to ensure the service he has rendered to student’s community in enabling 8000 students through Discussion mode of education reaches every student. The book was selected by Karnataka state public library department in the year 2017 and we had released third editions of the book so far.

Books Donation:
We donate books to the deserving students and also donate the books to few organizations where students regularly visit to read the same.

Mentor & Mentee Program:
Under this program, we establish a connection between student mentee to a DC mentor who helps the student’s overall development and guide the student to achieve success in examinations and in life.

Free Tuition for Students at Orphanage Centers:
Our volunteers go to few orphanage centers and provide free tuitions to the students. And also enable few bright students to do DC classes to the students there.

Competition for Students:
We conduct competitions for students at DC centers and orphanage centers in Bangalore.

DC Samvada Program:
During examination season, we conduct a special program called, “DC Samvada” where students will interact with subject matter experts and get their questions clarified and get directions on how to get be successful in examinations and score high marks.

Teachers Training Program:
We conduct teacher’s training programs to motivate them to enable the students and implement Discussion Class mode of education in their colleges/institutes. We also adopt a innovative methodology of mind mapping technique called “Invent the Future”.

Scribes for Bind Students:
Our volunteers actively involve in writing scribes to blind students and also helps in creating CD’s that blind students can use for their studies.