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Environment Services

In today’s world, due to increased vehicles, too much urbanization happening around the world, the green coverage is reducing and because of that global warming is increasing very rapidly. To reduce the global warming, we need to increase the green coverage, increase the trees and take care of the same for years to come.

Tree plantations:
We are actively involved in doing tree plantations across Karnataka and we encourage our DC students to take active participation in their college for tree plantations. We also join hand with many organizations/NGOs who are pioneered in this area.

Seedball preparations:
Seedball is a new innovative technique of seed planting. We are actively involved in creating seedball across Karnataka in education institutes and public places involving environment lovers. In one of the recent program we have created 70,000 seedball in a single day.

PostersFreeTree Andholan:
DC Association has taken a new initiative to ensure the trees are free from illegal posters under the program called “PostersFreeTree Andholan”. Our Environment services volunteers will remove all the illegal posters pasted on the trees on the road side.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan:
Our Environment services volunteers and DC students involve in Swachh Bharat programs to clean the dirty places and to convert the black spots into clean place in association with other organizations.