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Scholarship Services

We strongly believe that no student should be deprived of education due to financial conditions. DC association supports education of bright students belonging to economically weaker sections of the society studying engineering, medical, I/II PUC and degree courses.

Scholarships to economically poor, merit students:
DC Association identifies brilliant students across Karnataka who are facing challenges financially and grants Scholarships. We provide scholarships to sons/daughters of Farmers, Security guards, Housekeeping maids, Hostel supporting staffs, Vegetables, Roadside vegetable vendors, Courier man, Daily wages workers, Auto drivers. The scholarship amount is depending on the need and post personal verification by the association members.

Adopt a student education program:
We adopt few student’s full education under the program “Adopt a student education” & “Adopt a Girl Child education”. We work with other organizations and donors to enable this service to deserving students.

Support physically challenged student’s education:
We also support few deserving physically challenged student’s education after verification of the student’s necessity.